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The Jades Legacy Foundations belief and vision is one that incorporates a future where drivers are better equipped for unsuspecting challenges and hazards that arise whilst on our roads and to reduce unnecessary fatalities.  The foundation will be affiliating itself with Roadcraft in Gympie to educate as many Year 11 and 12 students on the Sunshine Coast.

Please support us in helping to educate our young drivers with Defensive Driver Education Programs.  Families are losing too many of our young children in senseless, tragic accidents that with driver education could be avoided.  If Jade were alive she would be campaigning the loudest.

Our goal is to co fund the cost for students to participate in a Driver Education Course offered by Roadcraft at Gympie. We hope that with our financial support more students will engage in this program.

Griffith university has been conducting research at Roadcraft to gain statistics on the benefits of completing a Driver Education Program. The information collected will be analyzed and then used to take to state parliament to petition for change to current standards of education for Learner and Provisional drivers.

The Foundation will be hosting an Annual Jades Legacy Race Day in July at Corbould Park to raise much needed funds that will assist in the education of young drivers. Please see our “Fundraising Events” Tab for our up and coming event and click through to our “Donate Now” Tab if you would like to make a donation towards her Legacy.

We thank you for taking the time to find out more about what Jades Legacy is about.


Jades Legacy was formed one month after the senseless and tragic loss of our daughter Jade Lily Dixson at Dulong on the Sunshine Coast in March 2018. Jade was a passenger in a single vehicle accident which lost control and flipped hitting a tree.  The car was driven by a 17-year-old male red P plater.


Naturally after the devastating loss of Jade, the questions of how we could have prevented the accident surfaced. The first thing that came to mind and the thought that has stayed with us since was the need for injury & death prevention on the road.  Specifically in regard to educating young adults how to react when a vehicle is out of control. In most cases once a vehicle is out of control it is often too late for inexperienced drivers with ineffective driving skills to regain control of the vehicle again.


We have met and spoken with many First Responders and Leaders in the field of accident prevention. A lack of awareness being a primary contributor. After listening to the experts we feel educating our young adults on driver awareness and attitude behind the wheel of a motor vehicle will equip them with the necessary skills to reduce the risk of finding themselves in an out of control vehicle.


State Government documents indicate that Defensive Driver Training result in higher incidents of road crashes for young males. After reviewing the types of Defensive Driver Training Courses that are currently available, we can now see why these statistics are so high for young males as the majority of the Defensive Driver Training Courses are not designed for young adults between the ages of 15 and 21 in particular young males.


Jades Legacy believes a Government Accredited Defensive Driver Training Course formulated to suit young adults between the age of 15 and 21 will contribute to saving lives. Whilst a Defensive Driver Training Course will not save all lives it will equip the young adults with the information and the skills required to be able to recognise dangers in advance and change their attitude when faced with these dangers.


Members of Jades Legacy have participated in a Defensive Driver Training Course at Road Craft in Gympie.  Jades Legacy members found the course to be very educational and emphasised driver awareness of other vehicles on the road and potential hazards.  The members noticed a big change of attitude in the year 11 and 12 students that completed the course and the testamonials received from the students are proof of that.


A Government Accreditated Defensive Driver Training Course formulated for young adults will save lives, reduce accidents, save government money and prevent the effects road tradegies have on families and local communities.


We are familiar with the possible hurdles associated with setting up a Government Accredited and enforced Programs, however Jades Legacy believes the pro’s will outweigh the con’s in relation to real change and the result of saving lives and reducing unnecessary accidents. There are conversations to be had about incentives for young drivers, costs, subsidies and the individual or type of programs to be made available.  Nevertheless, as is the case with most things that are imperative there are two vital first steps:


  1. State Government to identify the need for a Defensive Driver Training Course designed for young adults between the ages of 15 and 21.
  2. To legislate the Defensive Driver Training Course and make it mandatory for obtaining a provisional driver licence.


Jades Legacy requests the Government to consider the following:


  1. Completion of a Defensive Driver Training Course to reduce the number of hours required while on a learners licence.
  2. Costs of Defensive Driver Training courses should be subsidised for lower income families to complete the course – similar to the “Get into Sports Vouchers Program”.
  3. Education of young adults to prevent accidents and save lives which will then reduce the costs to the health system, family welfare, personal financial hardship, emergency services and the list goes on.
  4. Government and Private Partnerships to work together in setting up suitable driver training facilities.
  5. Access to Defensive Driver Training courses for remote areas.
  6. The goal of Jades Legacy is for the above to become Federal Initiative, but right now Jades Legacy needs your assistance and support here in Queensland.